Traffic, Travel Restrictions and Tusks: A Weekend in Review

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April 26, 2016

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Photo credit: A Verdade/Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: A Verdade/Wikimedia Commons

As you likely have already heard, this week was off to a questionable start with a traffic jam that will surely go down in the annals of Kenyan history.

A truck traveling the Nairobi-Mombasa highway was the beginning of our misfortune, as its head found a way to detach from the rest of the trailer and land into a ditch somewhere in the vicinity of Green Park Homes as news sources report.

The vehicle’s trailer now blocked both sides of the highway, creating a parking lot stretching from Athi River all the way to Machakos Town.

The situation was of course compounded by the sudden rain fall through Sunday night, though trapped commuters found relief in the early hours of Monday morning.

One can only imagine the impact this delay must have had on our brothers and sisters in the logistics industry.

Speaking of international supply chain management, you may have heard of the recent yellow fever outbreak currently stalking the African continent.

Having already killed over 250 people in Angola, this is being touted as one of the worst outbreaks in recent history.

Supply chain managers everywhere are keen to keep their teams, especially those whose work necessitates out of country travel, safe from the growing epidemic.

Governments across Africa have also made this a priority, tightly controlling border operations to ensure Kenya is spared the ravages of this disease.

This has predictably lead to major delays at entry points, with travelers detained for lacking vaccination certificates or even turned away from our borders.

Because this is Kenya, there is also an ironic shortage of the vaccine in Busia county, a major through way between Kenya and Uganda.

The county Health Executive noted that while Busia was expecting some 2,000 doses of the vaccine, so far they had only received 75, while 25 other doses were allocated to Malaba.

Photo credit: Mister E./Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Mister E./Wikimedia Commons

Away from that particular looming crisis, social media has been ablaze with the “Worth More Alive” campaign, geared towards increasing awareness and conservation efforts for our beloved Elephants and Rhinos that are under a poaching siege of inhuman proportions.

While most of the ivory is to be destroyed in a bonfire reminiscent of the Moi era, larger specimens are to be placed in a new museum that is to be dedicated to these behemoths that mankind is so keen to eradicate from the Earth.

We truly have something to be ashamed of as a species when hunting down innocent wildlife that was here long before us becomes so prevalent that future generations risk never laying eyes on a live Kenyan elephant.

This week has barely begun but already we have seen such highs and lows that it is impossible to tell where we will go from here.

As we watch and see how the current questioning of the IEBC efficacy will unfold, we also prepare to wind up the month.

What are you most excited about for the coming week? Do let us know, and have a wonderful day ahead.


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