Packaging & Removal

Sidoman undertakes cargo packing. From household belongings to re-locating company furnishing to your personnel effects, we make sure that proper care is taken using the right packing materials, and we have amongst us a team of professionals who expertly hand-wrap each item, making sure that goods are placed in properly lined crates to cartons either at the client’s designated site or move the cargo to our warehouse and do the packing and temporarily store in our warehouse pending export or delivery.

Our experienced removal packer uses systematic packing and storage techniques when handling and transporting cargo, especially on large-scale and time-sensitive movements which include heavy and oversized cargo.

Our team is able to cater to multiple packaging and removal solutions from timber-based crates, casing, pallets made of plywood and heat-treated wood to bubble and vacuum packing for industrial equipment including make-to-measure (MTM) packaging solutions, fumigated packing, and insulation covers.

We are also able to handle consignments that must be transported under tarpaulins.