The Ultimate Get Rich Quick Guide: Logistics as a National Gold Mine

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November 9, 2013

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Hello good people, as we speculate, bet and swear about who’ll win or lose tomorrow between Man U and Arsenal lets mind some money making talks.

With “experts” peddling how-to books and videos at every corner, the subject of getting rich quick remains an attention grabber, even for the most cynical among us. People are usually very quick to realize that the said wealth creation guru has a vested interest: lining his own pockets at the expense of your naivety. We in the logistics industry could not be more different: our advice on how to get wealthy in 2014 is not only based on solid facts, it is also given absolutely free, the sign of a true benefactor with no hidden agenda. New and pre-existing supply chain managers alike can benefit from staying abreast with the latest ongoing developments in the country and positioning themselves to take advantage of them as needed.

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The first surefire development guaranteed to generate additional income would be the Mombasa Road upgrade project, set to commence in 2014. Speaking on behalf of Governor Joho, Deputy Governor Hazel Katana has announced intentions to construct a new road from Mishomoroni to Mwakirunge, among several others. While the period to cast your hat into the tender race may now be gone, the roads project comes with business opportunities for logistics as a function and an industry.

With the roads slated to be in top condition by mid to end 2014, potential logistics industry players who were dissuaded by the deplorable state of the roads can now make their entrance, enjoying pristine new roads while freighting their cargo. Existing supply chain managers can use the refurbished roads to alter their cargo routes to be more efficient and cost less. They can also enjoy a respite in maintenance fees for vehicles damaged by poor roads, thus saving a considerable chunk of funds that would have otherwise been used for spare parts or mechanic visits.

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Similarly likely to help line honest wallets is the KES 450 million Honda assembly plant intended for construction in Nairobi, with company chairman Isaac Kahua confirming that the new location would be an excellent African hub. By setting up assembly facilities directly in Kenya, Honda hopes to cut down costs and more efficiently meet local demand. Corporate cost cuts of this nature usually translate to consumers as much welcomed reductions in price. With motorbikes headed to being cheaper, it is within the reach of startup logistics firms to acquire a fleet of such for delivery purposes, providing a service where a car fleet is financially out of reach.

Similarly exciting is the concept of geothermal power from Baringo being positioned as a serious potential source for power. CEO of the Geothermal Development Company, Silas Simiyu, has so far issued a statement that areas next to lakes Baringo and Bogoria are currently sitting on more than 3,000 megawatts of geothermal power.

With seismic studies aimed at ensuring full exploration of the project currently underway in areas with potential, the future of electricity generation looks brighter than a 100 watt light bulb. With this price reduction, companies will be able to cut costs, making facilities such as a warehouse equipped with specialty electrical machinery like fridges or ambient temperature controls a reality even for cash-strapped logistics start ups. Existing supply chain managers will also be happy to report reduced electrical dues, translating into reduced operation costs and therefore a surplus of wealth to be shared as needed.

While we in the logistics industry may not be your first choice for investment advice, having the ability to spot business opportunities is an additional perspective anyone could do with having. Coupled with the fact that supply chain management will always have opportunities for enterprising individuals to embrace and grow with, we urge you to ask yourself: who would you rather hear tell you how to get rich quickly: us or the “expert” getting richer from you purchasing his book?


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