Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agents

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March 1, 2017

You have probably heard of the term Clearing and Forwarding Agents. You probably know that they have something to do with – well – clearing and forwarding cargo at ports of entry.

But what else is there to it? What is the role of clearing and forwarding agents? Where can I find clearing and forwarding agents in Kenya? What really do clearing and forwarding agents do?

This blog will make an attempt at explaining further the role of clearing and forwarding agents in Kenya.

Simply put, clearing and forwarding agents are the logistics services providers that assist you in the handling and management of your cargo.

They are part of the international supply chain, helping in delivering goods from source to destination.

Clearing and forwarding agents often have contracts with a carrier or several carriers to move the goods from the manufacturer or the supplier. The carriers could be shipping lines, airlines or rail operators.
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If you are importing goods from Dubai for example, a clearing and forwarding agent will assist you in processing all the necessary documentation.

Just like in most other parts of the world, clearing of cargo at ports of entry is highly regulated by legislation and excessive paperwork.

Some of this paperwork is often complicated, and one wrong move can result in you being smacked with heavy penalties for defaulting legal requirements.

Some of the typical documents that need to be processed and submitted to the Customs authority are the goods purchase invoice, import declaration and the bill of lading.

In this regards, the customs and clearing agent is the third-party link between you and the custom authorities.

Once all your shipment is legally declared, necessary taxes paid and all paperwork done away with, the freight can then be delivered to you as the consignee in the manner you prefer.

In Kenya, an experienced Customs Clearing agent will usually assist with tariff classifications, audits and detailed costings of shipments.

Their business systems will ordinarily be integrated with other systems, for example, the KWATOS system or the SIMBA Tradex system by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Their systems will also normally be linked to that of major airlines or shipping lines that ferry cargo to Kenya.

The Kenya Revenue Authorities guidelines stipulate that a clearing and forwarding agent must be a registered firm and a member of a recognized clearing & forwarding association (KIFWA). This is in a bid to ensure that there is some regulation in the industry.

Having known all this, if you are searching for the best clearing and forwarding agent in Kenya, your search ends here.

Sidoman clearing and forwarding services are timely and cost effective. We are stationed in all major ports of entry and airports in Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret.

Our services extend to the full range of clearing and forwarding of freight from designated international markets.

We have a strong support system with our business partners anchored on our longstanding business relationship with the Kenya Revenue Authority customs department. Make a call today to our customs agent and let us walk you through.


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