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March 7, 2018

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Sidoman has been in the freight forwarding business for years and through it all, we have helped thousands of importers and exporters with their various needs. We have a long-standing relationship with our loyal customers but we also welcome individuals that are importing or exporting for the very first time.

Whether you need our services for one time shipping such as when you need to move your household to an entirely new country or are looking for a reliable freight forwarder to help you with your shipping needs, please understand that we value you and we are here to make sure that your shipping process is as smooth as it can be.

Because we are regularly asked by our first-time shippers for advice, here are some quick Sidoman tips for first-time importers and exporters:

Using Sidoman is a stress-free way to import and export your goods

As we have been in the business of importing and exporting for years, we can guarantee you that using a freight forwarder is the best way to import or export your goods. Freight forwarders have the skill, technology, and contacts to make the shipping process swift and stress-free.

A reputable freight forwarder can assist on more than one level from packing your shipment correctly to ensuring that your goods are stored properly. A freight forwarder even handles the customs process for you which ultimately takes the pressure off you. This will help you to concentrate on other areas of your life that need more attention.

Ask for Sidoman tips whenever you need help

If you are unable to determine the best method to ship your goods, simply make a phone call or contact us and ask for advice on whether you should ship by sea, rail, air, or through a combination of methods (multimodal shipping). We can also assist you in preparing price quotations, port charges, and consular fees or handle any special documentation that you may have.

If you can, insure your cargo

Whenever you use a freight forwarder, you must always be prepared for the possibility that your contents may arrive damaged or not at all, and it is not always the freight forwarder’s fault. Sometimes when containers get inspected by unscrupulous hands, they can sustain damage. Most times, however, containers are usually exposed to extreme conditions such as swings in temperature and humidity while in storage or in transit. To protect your cargo, you should insure it particularly if you can afford it. As always, Sidoman’s role is to ensure that your cargo arrives in good time and undamaged.

Understand that freight forwarders are also human

There are many moving parts that are involved in ensuring that your container gets to you safely. For instance, you may not have any contact with the truckers and crane operators involved in the shipping process but they play an instrumental role in the process. There are a lot of different personalities that are involved in making sure that everything goes smoothly. Even in good weather, freight forwarding is generally a tough job. Lucky for you, you can trust that you are in good hands especially if you have never done this before.

Final thoughts

If you need more answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, visit here to find out how we can make the freight forwarding and shipping process easy for you.


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