WHAT THE FREIGHT??? Everything you need to know about freight forwarding

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September 2, 2017
Image of Sidoman cargo-ship-used in freight and forwarding Kenya

Sidoman uses cargo ships for freight forwarding

Freight forwarding is the coordination of shipments of goods from one destination to another through single or multiple carriers that consist of air freight, ocean freight, road freight or railway freight carriers. When a business decides to export or import their products, such a business has to deal with numerous challenges in order to get the product to the customer or the recipient. To eliminate the challenges, a business will typically rely on the services of a specialist such as Sidoman Investment Limited, known as a freight forwarder, to transport the goods.

In short, a freight forwarder is a company responsible for helping you to coordinate your imports and exports. Such a company also deals with the logistics of preparing all your documentation, cargo tracking, tracking inland transportation, filing insurance claims, warehousing, booking cargo space, and so on. A freight forwarder takes care of the logistics of logistics so that you don’t get caught up in it all. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?  Different freight forwarding companies offer more options than others but many will let you select the services that make the most sense for your organization.

So what does a freight forwarder like Sidoman actually do?
There is a lot that goes into arranging and processing international shipping. While a freight forwarder generally handles all the details of your international shipping, the firm does not actually move the freight itself.  Instead, a freight forwarder acts as an intermediary between a shipper and the different transportation services such as trucking, air freight, ocean shipping on cargo ships or moving your items by rail.

As such, a freight forwarder utilizes established relationships with these carriers in order to negotiate the best price possible to move your goods along the most economical routes; they select the best way to achieve balance, cost, and reliability. A freight forwarder, therefore, handles the considerable logistics involved in shipping items from one international destination to another, which would be incredibly difficult for one person or a single business to handle individually.

Sidoman's logistics of freight forwarding in Kenya

The logistics of freight forwarding in Kenya








Do you need a freight forwarder?

So you’re probably thinking: ‘Errr, sounds to me like a freight forwarder is just an expensive middle man who does not actually do anything tangible.’ While you may not be wrong that freight forwarders serve as middlemen; you are completely mistaken to assume that they do not provide tangible assistance.

Freight forwarders are incredibly useful and crucial because they negotiate better deals that actually save YOU money. Freight forwarders do all the hard work so that you do not have to -imagine having to research and remember every logistical detail of every country throughout your supply chain? Tough, no? You need the services of a reputable freight forwarder like Sidoman Investment Group if:

  • You buy goods regularly online from e-commerce websites such as Amazon, E-bay, and so on.
  • You own a business that needs to import or export goods internationally.
  • You own a global online business.

To determine if you need the services of a freight forwarding firm, you need to examine your personal interests and carefully consider whether jumping into the freight forwarding pool is a worthy investment.


Freight forwarding companies present businesses with numerous benefits particularly if a business is seeking a higher level of transparency in their shipping, as well as flexibility. Forwarding companies tend to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and strong bonds with international agents owing to the competitiveness of the market place and the demand for the service. Speed, exceptional service, and efficiency take precedence for many freight forwarding companies.

Any size of business can benefit from hiring the services of a freight forwarding company. If you own a large or medium business operation that is active in various locations around the world and you deal with shipping significant volume of goods, then you will experience the greatest benefits if you work with a freight forwarding company. Freight forwarding companies know the intricacies of the business; supply chain efficiency is second nature to dependable companies like Sidoman Investment Group.


Organization and manageability

It is incredibly important for a business to remain organized and maintain control over the supply chain so that recovery can occur swiftly in case of a loss. Third party logistic companies can handle your shipping, however, these companies tend to be too occupied to offer the personal touch needed by many international shippers. For instance, if a shipment goes missing, it can take weeks to get hold of the right departments to get the answers needed to rectify the problem. On the other hand, reliable freight forwarding companies such as Sidoman Investment Group make use of their agile networks to trace the problem quickly and directly, which enables immediate solutions.


Freight forwarders are versatile in that they meet tight deadlines and they deal with unforeseen challenges. A seasoned freight forwarding company has all the vital resources to handle challenges such as delays at sea or when one of your shipments is diverted to another port. Freight forwarders know exactly what to do to react and deal with challenges smoothly.

Save money

Cost versus profit in freight forwarding

Sidoman’s freight and forwarding services can and will save you money









Freight forwarders generally have the expertise to negotiate lower terms with various carriers owing to the high volume of containers available. Aside from saving you money, freight forwarders also offer tips and knowledgeable advice that can save you from making costly mistakes.


Unlike third party carriers, who tend to insist on contracts and binding documentation, freight forwarders do not ask you to sign any contracts. This is because the shipping process is made up of numerous moving parts so it can actually hurt your business to be tied to a specific carrier. Freight forwarders allow you to select the services that work best for your businesses in the knowledge that you have the freedom to switch forwarders at any time. The freedom that you as the client enjoy helps to drive freight forwarders to keep the customer constantly satisfied in a bid to maintain their business.

the freedom enjoyed with reliable freight and forwarding

Freight forwarding should be reliable and stress-free











Although businesses can reap huge benefits from using freight forwarders, the services offered can also be applicable to personal matters or to single individual shippers. Forwarding companies help customers with:

Door to door service

If you are sending a package across the world, say across the Atlantic Ocean, what happens when your preferred carrier delivers your items to the port? How does the item move from the port to the actual recipient? Freight forwarders handle door to door services that ensure that your goods are delivered right at the doorstep of your recipient.

Sidoman door to door freight forwarding service

Door to door freight forwarding services deliver to your doorstep.










Value added services

Some of the value added services that are taken care of by a freight forwarding company include:

  • Purchase order tracking- this allows you to check in on your cargo throughout the journey.
  • On-demand reporting- this might include access to your order history and all the shipping documentation you may need.
  • Door to door cargo insurance- this protects expensive freight.

Customs clearance

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of using a reputable freight forwarder. Understanding the customs requirements for various countries is hard but handling the regulations, tariffs, and paperwork required by the ports of different countries is purely daunting and a nightmare, which is where forwarders like Sidoman Investment Group come in- forwarders take the anxiety out of the process of organizing for your international order and delivery by handling every important aspect themselves.

Do I need freight forwarding services?

If you are shipping items such as electronics, clothes, kitchen equipment and so on, a freight forwarder will certainly help to save you both time and money. Alternatively, if you are relocating to an entirely different country or continent and you need to transport furniture, your household items, and even your vehicle, freight forwarders are equipped to handle these types of personal shipments regularly. Benefits of hiring a freight forwarding company include:

  1. The company offers advice regarding selecting the best container for your goods.
  2. You receive tips on how to package and consolidate your goods.
  3. The right freight forwarding company for you also supplies you with Information on alternate routes for the best shipping rates.
  4. Vital details on how to comply with your destination country’s import and export restrictions.

Finding the right freight forwarding company

If you are looking for a freight forwarding company, you’re in luck! Sidoman Investment group handles international shipping needs of businesses and individuals from all corners of the globe. The services offered are all ranging including:

  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Air freight
  • Road freight
  • Sea freight
  • Warehousing and so much more.

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