Don’t be a Freight forwarding sucker: Tips for getting accurate freight forwarding quote pricing

Getting started with freight forwarding quotes

So you need to get an accurate estimate of your freight forwarding quote or what your international shipping from Sidoman Investment Limited will cost you, but are unsure of where to start.  Maybe you are finally making that huge leap into international business (congratulations!) or you are importing goods from USA or China to sell in Kenya. To import or export your goods at an international level, you need to get an accurate freight quote so that you can get a general idea of how much the entire process will cost you.

It can get overwhelming and frustrating, particularly if it is your first time using freight services such as the ones provided by Sidoman Investment Limited. When getting started in the shipping process, there are specific details that you need to provide your chosen freight forwarding company to get the most accurate freight forwarding quote.

Think of it this way: Imagine walking into a restaurant, being seated at your table, but when the waiter arrives to ask for your order, you request for the check before asking for the food. Strange right? Such is the case when asking for a freight quote without providing all the necessary details.  The details that you provide must be accurate to not only get the right freight rate pricing but also to ensure that your importing and exporting takes place seamlessly. Here is how to get an accurate freight quote from Sidoman Investment Limited:

Request for freight forwarding quote a month before shipping

It seems like daunting stuff, but when importing and exporting, preparation is key. It may not seem ideal to request for your freight rate pricing a month to the actual shipping date, however, it will help you navigate the volatile international shipping market where shipping rates are constantly changing. As such, don’t request a quote for shipment that you want to import a few months or a year down the line because the quote that you receive will probably not be the same a few months down the line.

Quoted shipping rates are typically good for about 30 days or so if you are to get accurate freight rate pricing. The closer your quote is to the time of shipment, the more accurate your freight quote will be.

Tip: If you are not sure about your shipping timeline or which rates to expect, you can get a freight forwarding quote from Sidoman Investment Group on what it would cost to ship now, which will give you a range or idea of what it might cost later. However, please know that the rates may be different on the actual period that you plan to import or export your items.

Know exactly what you are shipping for an accurate freight forwarding quote

You’d be surprised by how many people ask for freight forwarding quotes without understanding the particulars of the items that they are shipping. Seems a little obvious doesn’t it? Your shipping goods can range from small household items to huge commercial equipment; the rules and costs vary for different types of goods shipped. For instance, household goods such as furniture are subject to different regulations and insurance requirements compared to commercial shipments or mass produced t-shirts.

As such, Sidoman Investment Limited needs this information to ensure that your item is not restricted. Knowing what you are shipping will also affect how the goods will be handled. For instance, if you are shipping 100 kilograms of edible food, it probably needs to be refrigerated no?

Do you know the size and weight of the shipment?

Depending on the size of your shipment, the transportation options such as air freight, road freight or sea freight will vary. It is important to be as accurate as possible when supplying this information because it will ultimately affect your freight forwarding quote. For instance, items transported in ocean freight containers are typically measured in cubic meters (or by the container) while air freight is based on weight and size. Extremely heavy shipments such as machinery can impact the final ocean freight pricing, so it is vital to be accurate.


Understand where you are shipping from and where to

In international shipping, the destination can vary from port to port, port to door or door to door, which is definitely bound to affect your freight forwarding quote. For example, you might need to have your goods picked up and delivered only as far as the port in the country or the city that you are importing to, after which your business partners or family members can handle things from there. Alternatively, your goods can also be delivered to the specific address of the recipient; it is vital to be accurate with the information that you provide. Ensure that you have all the to and from addresses ready particularly if there are multiple destinations involved.

Are there peripherals that will affect you freight forwarding quote?

To obtain an accurate freight forwarding quote, be sure to mention the peripherals or the extras that Sidoman Investment Group will have to provide to ensure that your goods are transported safely. For instance, will a lift gate be needed to lift the load from the ground into a truck? Will the recipient need to be contacted to schedule delivery? Such information will allow you to get the most accurate quote possible.








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