What to Look For When Selecting a Warehouse

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January 23, 2017

If you are a producer of fast moving consumer goods, an importer of heavy construction plant and equipment or a business person in the energy or oil and gas industry, you definitely require storage space for your goods.

It is a good idea for a business enterprise to outsource non-core activities such as storage.

At present, the biggest portion of the logistics space in Kenya is offered within Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

This space is already overwhelmed and bursting at the seams due to huge demand for warehousing services.

On the other hand, the present infrastructural boom in Kenya has seen the expansion of a number of key highways and the construction of several by-passes.

For instance, there is the ongoing expansion of Nairobi Outer Ring Road to a multi-lane highway and the construction of an interchange at Mau Summit along the Nakuru – Eldoret Highway.

As a result, the expanded road networks have freed up local transport within major towns. This has in turn resulted in a marked increase of logistics and industrial parks at strategic spots along the transport corridors and at road junctions.

Storage is a huge need for most retailers and distributors

Containers at the port: Storage of goods is a huge need for most retailers and distributors


With so much warehouse space in Kenya on offer, what are the key factors that you should look at when selecting a good warehouse?


A pharmaceutical company or an operator in the agricultural sector will require mass storage space.

On the other hand, freight forwarding companies and owners of online retail shops that do not possess their own storage may need smaller space.

Your decision on selecting a warehouse will be linked to how much space you require. This ties in as well with the duration the goods are intended to be in storage.


Warehouses that host high volume or high value goods are at particular risk of break-ins or burglary. With such risks at play it is important that users of warehouses observe a core checklist to ensure the security of their goods.

Key points to look out for include access control, presence and status of monitoring gadgets such as CCTV systems and proper locking devices. These should not be stand-alone components but should all be integrated as a harmonious system.


The location of the warehouse you select is crucial to how efficiently you move your goods. Developers of warehouses strategically locate them near ports, airports and along transport corridors that link the port with inland commercial towns such as Kisumu and Eldoret.

Location of a warehouse is a principal logistical aspect for operators. You are better off selecting a warehouse that is situated near your goods’ collection point and at a place you can easily transit to your distribution chains.

Upcoming logistics hubs are currently being constructed to meet sophisticated specifications and occupier requirements such as computerization and refrigeration.

The high-tech specifications are a departure from the empty shells with roofs, to facilities that are capable of offering logistic support to contemporary retail and distribution.

If you are looking for a good warehouse, you will want one that offers you unmatched technology in key areas like lifting, dispatch, weighing, access control and security.

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