What Has CORD Been Up To? A Month in Review

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September 23, 2015

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Photo credit: CORD Kenya/Blogspot

Photo credit: CORD Kenya/Blogspot

In case you’ve been wondering what the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) has been up to this month, allow us to bring you up to speed.

One of the more publicized causes that CORD has so far taken up has been said by many to be a misguided vendetta, but we’ll let you judge for yourself.

Following revelations of misappropriation of nearly Kshs.800 million from the National Youth Service, heads under the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution, Anne Waiguru, have rolled in an effort to patch up the leaks that made such large scale corruption possible.

While some have hailed Waiguru for her part in fighting graft, CORD members have taken a different stance, alleging that Waiguru was connected in the failure and calling for her resignation on that basis.

As the Mombasa senator Hassan Omar put it, Waiguru’s juniors should not be sent home for the offence with Waiguru left to continue her tenure.

This comes not long after CORD leader, Raila Odinga, linked Waiguru to the same scandal, prompting the CS to threaten a lawsuit over what she termed false and defamatory allegations.

Demanding an apology and an admission of liability, the CS was met with what amounted to a dare, with the former Prime Minister quickly affirming that an apology would not be forthcoming, and challenging the CS to follow through to court.

The former Prime Minister further stated that a court appearance would be an excellent opportunity for the CS to explain, under oath, the details of the NYS incident.

A delegation of 20 Jubilee MPs have so far come to Waiguru’s defense, speaking on behalf of a further 71 MPs who have all felt the positive effects of projects under the NYS.

Lauding the CS’s candor in releasing information about the near Kshs.800 million fraud, the MPS expressed their wish to see the NYS supported and expanded to benefit each of Kenya’s constituencies.

Kenyan politics being what they are, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu questioned why Odinga was applying double standards when the former PM was allegedly mentioned in connection with misappropriation of funds from Kazi Kwa Vijana, yet he himself did not resign as CORD was advocating Waiguru should do.

Photo credit: Dude1830/Wikimedia

Photo credit: Dude1830/Wikimedia

This particular disagreement takes second place to the larger agenda that CORD has had on their calendar this month.

We have previously discussed what a twisted web of complications the teachers’ pay debate has become.

One more messy knot joined the cluster when CORD, speaking through Moses Wetangula, expressed their dismay at how the government continues to handle the strikes and court order compelling authorities to implement a 50-60% pay hike.

CORD took it a step further to state their intention to impeach President Kenyatta for failing to uphold the court order.

The former Prime Minister, also the leader of CORD has expressed his support for this motion, stating that the President is going against the Constitution he is sworn to protect and uphold.

While we await the conclusion of that plot twist, CORD kept the surprises coming with the announcement that they would hold a rally at Uhuru Park in support of the teachers, with the intention of pushing for the pay raise to be implemented.

September has been a busy month! Do you support the motions put forward by CORD?

Wishing you a productive week ahead.


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