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March 31, 2017



The whole month of March celebrates women, with the world joining in to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.  As countries around the world continue to celebrate women, we at Sidoman Logistics would also like to celebrate our home grown heroines, like Amina Mohamed, and other great women who are making it in this mostly male-dominated world.

Supply and demand are needed for most industries to flourish, but without transport and logistics, this wouldn’t be possible. Our work usually involves understanding our customers’ needs, developing relationships with suppliers, ensuring that goods are transported on time and finding ways of minimizing the cost of transporting goods.

The transport and logistics industry is a field that most women do not get involved in, yet it plays a very big role in the country’s economy. In this industry, you will find yourself dealing with importation and exportation of commercial goods, clearing and forwarding, and moving the goods from the various ports of entries to where they are needed. It is an important yet overlooked industry.

This has a lot of exciting and lucrative career options that most people miss out on because most people over look it. This shortage of qualified candidates results in exciting careers. Careers include warehouse, storage and inventory management, transport management and planning, and engineering.

We work in a high-pressure environment and we salute all women who not only manage to work in such an environment but, actually excel in it.  A lot of people will depend on you in this industry, which needs you to be diligent and learn to plan ahead. You also need to be flexible as some unplanned for situations usually come up.



Logistics touches on every other sector in the world, and this means that in addition to it needing drivers and warehouse workers, the industry also requires professionals in other sectors such as business development and customer services. The logistics industry has in recent years been working to attract a more diverse workforce, but it also needs to focus on hiring women in positions where they are visible so as to inspire and encourage other women.

Sidoman Logistics is excited to be a part of this industry that is all about moving things, storing and supplying anything and everything, from people to animals, to goods this adventurous age where more and more women are taking up the challenge and opting for less traditional careers.

Happy Women’s History Month!




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