Logistics’ Critical Role in Preventing “Skunky” Situations

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July 1, 2017
Iko Toilet | Courtesy / StandardMedia

Iko Toilet | Courtesy / StandardMedia

Living in a multicultural environment is the best thing that has ever happened to us as Kenyans.

We get invitations from Kenyans of all walks of life, to attend their weddings and parties.

It is post-Ramadhan few days, you eat the food of different cultures and flavours, that comes obviously with some changes within the internal system as well.

You are at an outdoor event on some lush, perfectly manicured green grounds, with pearl white grand tents set up to keep the scorching sun from frying your brains.

You are very proud of yourself because despite waking up 45minutes later than you intended to, you managed to get to the function right on time.

One hour later, when the event’s entrée is being served up, nature calls and you recall skipping your usual pre-morning routine – which among others, includes bowel movement. You try to ignore it.

The impulse subsides, but only for a moment. The pain remains stiff, you feel as if a MOAB is been launched in your lower abdomen or intestine.

This is the moment you find small space in your brain to remember the Prophet and his companions.

It comes roaring back like a wave and your stomach rumbles making that loud ‘whale sound.’ People around you pretend they didn’t hear it because they are suave and debonair folks.

You’ll wonder the way they surveil your face as if watching the mouth of a ventriloquist for lips movement as your stomach acts like one naughty doll, based on the sound it bequeaths.

Beyond your control, the sweat gathers like a major political rally in Tononoka grounds; thick and fast the sweat trickles, as a result of pain and shame.

You reach for your handkerchief and wipe the sweat away as you give unsolicited commentary on how the ‘weather is too hot’.

Two more waves in under three minutes and you realise people giving you ‘the look’ and you just have to take care of business or the business will force its success in your pants or skirt. A very rare kind of business, this one!

As calmly as you can, you stand up to adjust your skirt downwards or button your jacket (depending on your gender!) and walk out thanking your gift of perfect recall which directs you to the precincts of the Mobile Lavatories as guided by the Master of Ceremony while making preliminary announcements.

In your mind, you know it’s going to be an in-and-out-operation, and you’ll be able to catch the Chief Guest’s speech and contribute in plenary.

As you briskly walk toward the now-most important room in your life, your eyes stumble upon this…

World's Longest Toilet Queue | Courtesy / Telegraph UK

World’s Longest Toilet Queue | Courtesy / Telegraph UK

What the heck are you supposed to do?

Luckily, Iko Toilets have developed a solution that guarantees such embarrassing situations do not occur.

David Kuria, MD at Iko Toilets is breathing new life into old rickety buses – that had been retired after years of serving the public as matatus – by repurposing them into spacious high-end restroom facilities.

According to Iko Toilets, such a bus can serve up to 2,000 individuals per day.

“We came up with the idea early this year. Unlike the traditional small toilets, this one can serve many people at a time. The bus also has bathrooms for those wishing to shower after the events,” Kevin Ng’ang’a, Iko Toilet’s head of logistics and marketing said at a recent event. “It costs between KES. 50,000 and 60,000 to hire the bus, but this can vary slightly depending on the event,” added Ng’ang’a.

The Ladies’ section of the Mobile Bus features two toilets and a bathroom while the Gents’ section features two urinals and two toilets.

As you would find in luxury buses plying long distance routes here in Kenya, the Iko Toilet Bus similarly have swanky interiors with huge mirrors, practical sinks, music systems among other welcoming features.

Unlike the traditional mobile toilets which are ferried on pickups, trucks or tethered as trailers, the Iko Toilet Bus can be comfortably driven to event site or grounds and parked for immediate use.

We in the logistics industry work in the full knowledge that old is gold; as evidenced by the transformative story of Iko Toilets.

Additionally, we remain innovative to get you out of any dicey situation that may turn ‘skunky’. Stay fresh, shall you?


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