Leadership: Who’s Going Where?

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June 30, 2015

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Photo credit: Under 30 CEO

Photo credit: Under 30 CEO

As a supply chain management professional or entrepreneur, it is of the utmost importance to select and manage a leadership team capable of taking your company in the direction it needs to go.

These past few weeks, a spotlight has been on top level executives either experiencing the motions that come with such upper echelons of power. Let’s take a look, shall we?

By now, we’ve all heard that one Mr. Patrick Njoroge has officially assumed his position as the new Central Bank of Kenya governor. Most of us first became familiar with the gentleman during his vetting by Parliament, which true to Kenyan form, turned into a fiasco.

Questioned on his unmarried status and other odd lines of interrogation dominated the news, with talk of matchmaking Mr. Njoroge with a sister to one of the members of Parliament even coming up.

In the end, though, justice prevailed as the highly educated and qualified Njoroge was finally endorsed by Parliament.

From us here at Sidoman, it is “Hongera” to Mr. Njoroge as we wait to see the good that will come from a transparent appointment of an official, based entirely on merit. May efficiency prevail!

Speaking of efficiency Kenya’s current ambassador of getting things done. Ms. Anne Waiguru has found herself in the news for all the wrong reasons recently.

In spite of her impressive track record of delivering on promises with the National Youth Service program, Waiguru has found herself under fire as the Central Bank of Kenya identified a number of questionable transactions from the Devolution and Planning Ministry, which Waiguru is the secretary of.

Waiguru has stated that it was a clear cut case of cyber crime, with NYS computer systems being infiltrated using key officials’ passwords. She also stated that the KES.826 million transaction was reversed at the Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS), meaning there was no actual loss of funds.

IFMIS is the system used to process payments for goods or services purchased by the government. While some camps have raised doubts on the authenticity of the story, a State House statement assures us that appropriate internal audit systems were in place which stopped the possible loss of funds, stating that the situation had been manipulated for politically motivated reasons.

Clearly, when leaders operate with integrity and accomplish their jobs, they gain the trust and approval of those in the highest offices.

Photo credit: Ron Edmondson

Photo credit: Ron Edmondson

Of course, failing to produce results can have you facing a swift boot out the door; to be replaced by someone with a better proven track record.

Former Uchumi CEO Jonathan Ciano has finally seen his tenure come to an end after the retailer’s board opted to relieve him of his position, along with their Chief Financial Officer.

This comes, of course, after years of dismal financial performance by the once promising Uchumi, with matters seeming to get worse with each report. Ciano’s post will be taken over by one Mr. James Mworia, CEO of the wildly successful Centum Investments, who is expected to pave the way to the long awaited turn around in Uchumi’s fortunes.

Of course, management exits do not always have to involve blood, sweat and tears. The managing director of the Kenya Dairy Board, Mr. Machira Gichohi’s departure after 12 years of service has proved to be an amicable split, with Gichohi promising continued support of the industry and offering his wealth of experience to KDB and other industry stakeholders as a consultant going forward.

Can you say the same about your job right now? If you were to leave your current position, would employers be scrabbling to lock you down on counting down the minutes until your replacement arrived?

Wishing you all a week filled with great news coverage and fruitful leaders.


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