Interesting and Unique Ways To Use Shipping Containers

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October 5, 2017

Shipping containers are typically used in the world of freight and forwarding for transportation of cargo. Shipping containers have numerous uses, which is why they have been popping up everywhere.

Cargo containers can be reused and recycled to come up with unique and creative solutions. These humble shipping containers are not only amazing for adding more storage or space; they can also be transformed innovatively into art and a range of other interesting ideas that might never have crossed your mind. Here are some of the most unique and interesting ways to use shipping containers:

Swimming pools

Shipping containers are now being used all over the world for the construction of swimming pools. The use of containers for swimming pools is popular because the containers can be drained and transported into your new home just in case you move houses in the future. The container has to be cleaned thoroughly with anti-corrosive paint before being lined with insulation foam and a pool liner for it to be safe to use. The construction process sounds boring, but the end result is simply amazing!

Video of swimming container

Theaters, pubs, and bars

Club owners and business owners are now commonly reprocessing inter-modal containers and turning them into bars, pubs, and theaters. Although such structures are not designed to last for very long, they provide the perfect spot for hanging out and chilling. In Kenya, bars such as Space Lounge have used inter-modal containers for design aspects well.


It is not unusual to see the use of shipping containers in schools. The containers have replaced the need for a traditional brick and mortar structure which can be expensive to complete. The use of containers for classrooms has become a noteworthy trend particularly in some of the African countries.

Shipping container homes

Homeowners have also not been left behind by the use of shipping containers for homes. There are some pretty cool and interesting designs of shipping containers out there for clubhouses, rooftop retreat, and in some cases, the shipping containers have been used for small holiday shacks

This shipping container home located on a 90-acre plot sits on top of a Californian mountain. Every container has been designed to maximize the views of the landscape while providing privacy in a secluded spot.

Other beautiful container homes…

For water and electricity

A company known as the Off-Grid Box has been supplying water and electricity to various parts of Italy, Boston, and Rwanda. The Off-grid box is designed with hardware such as a solar panel that is needed to produce clean water and electricity. Thanks to the rugged design of the shipping container, the string steel structure can survive in an extreme environment, which makes it cost effective and inexpensive to maintain.



Hotels and boutique resorts have also used shipping contained as base structures for many hotels in the world.


Photo source: design boom

For instance, Hong Kong’s the Hive In designed by OVA Studios is slated to have more than 20 shipping contained stacked on top of each other. The rooms created can be transported to any location because the containers can be slotted or plugged without disturbing any contained above them.

For student housing

This shipping container design by Bjarke Ingels was designed to offer young students studying in Copenhagen affordable and sustainable housing.






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