Get rid of Nonstarters, kaput and Kodak type employees

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December 20, 2020

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Survey reveals UK organisations suffer from ‘Non-Starter Syndrome’

In this modern world you need to keep up with technology and innovation

While considering our egalitarian relationships we should always consider getting the best minds for the job.

Failure of which you’ll be declared redundant and unfit in the market place.

Most organizations especially in Kenya have HR problem, the process of selecting employees is vague and not transparent in most cases

There are those who outsource to a third party HR company, but even then you’re not sure of getting competent enough employees. Or this people just bring you their kinsmen masqueraded as perfect catch of an employee

Most organizations have on their website openings sections as an equal opportunity organization, for most of them it’s just about for formality and the gallery.

Different organizations have different backgrounds and different cultures, even on employment and placement.

There are those who hunt best performing employees from their competition.

There are those who just employ members of their family and their extended family

However, the worst practice is those who eye the employees of a dead organization like Kodak or Nokia.

Such employees will never add any value to your organization

They could never see it coming in their dead organization

They mostly claim to be champions with vast experience but then again Kwa ground vitu ni different.

Stay away from former top employees of a dead or malfunctioning organization, they’ll never bring anything to the table.

They have no track record they’re proud of. No innovation they can show off.

They are nonstarters, kaput and the best thing to do is: get rid of them at the earliest opportunity.


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